Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step" -Lao Tzu

For many people, a road is just that: a road.  Plain and simple, it is the path we take to and from school or work or home, and that's about it.  Unfortunately, others see it differently.  To the man you drove past this morning, it is a post where he'll station himself all day in the hope that a few disregarded coins will be tossed his way through cracked passenger windows.  To the kid you sat next to in class, it will be a constant stream of pavement beside the unforgiving sidewalk where she and her siblings will try to sleep tonight.  To homeless people across our nation, state, county, city, neighborhood, it will be a place to live--but to no one will it ever be home.  

These people are the reason I am writing this.  In a world where we observe poverty everyday, how often do we actually see it?  My goal is to bring light to the people we all too often let slip below the radar.  For example, when Missourians think of homelessness, they usually think of large cities, but homelessness is a growing problem in rural areas too.  Throughout my research, I hope to learn some of the stories behind the people--not just their situations.  Why is it that our land of opportunity has so many who struggle to survive?  And what does it take to prevent and reverse homelessness?  Granted, it is very difficult to study homelessness across our great nation, so we'll begin with someplace simple: home.  I hope to share with you how this growing epidemic is affecting Missouri--or, more specifically, Franklin County--and the ways that I believe we can impact it.  Once we realize these things, we can begin on our path to eliminate homelessness from our culture and build a road home.  

Welcome to the journey,